the basics


ohio bred and ohio fed.

words can’t accurately describe the way i feel about my hometown of cincinnati. it’s where i grew up, fell in love for the first time, fell out of love for the first time. it knows my secrets and how i got my scars. and although i want to travel and explore new horizons, cincinnati is where i’ll come back to. always.

my friend once told me, “thank god you’re here to talk sports with the boys.” and i could talk sports with the boys for days. i was raised by boys. i wasn’t just the first born in my family, i was the first born girl to my three older, male cousins. and for them, and me, fall is all about the football, and “who dey think gon’ beat them bengals?” during the madness that is march, you can find me yelling at the tv without shame — xavier nation or bust. and if i don’t attend a minimum of, like, twelve reds games over the summer, i’m a very grumpy cincinnatian.

 skyline chili is food of the gods. (okay, fine.. maybe i like one tree hill a little bit).

i’m a recently graduated scripps kid from ohio university, and i’m in extreme denial about it. i’m a bobcat – through and through, and i wouldn’t have it any other way.  my heart yearns for brick streets and dive bars and 4am union diner breakfasts and fest season and i often wonder how i managed to gather the courage to leave the disney world of southeast ohio. it was, and always will be, the hardest breakup i’ve ever had to endure. but a piece of my heart lives on there. and the countdown on my calendar until my return is ever-present.

i won’t deny it – i was a sorority girl; a squirrel, to be specific. alpha gamma delta was my home away from home for the last three years as a bobcat. it was an unexpected decision. one i was sure i would regret. and yet, i couldn’t have asked for a better, more intelligent group of women to call my sisters. i have “cherished friendships with but a chosen few, and studied the perfecting of those friendships.” those women have taught me so much; and my heart will always thank them for shaping me into the woman i am today. hot damn, alpha gam.

i’m not a morning person. don’t talk to me in the morning unless i’ve had at least 3 cups of coffee. #deathbeforedecaf. when i am finally alive enough to move despite that AM sunshine, social media is the first thing i check. guilty. expert 140 character writer, over huuuur. i swear by twitter. how else do you find out your morning news without even leaving your bed?

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