Breaking up with Athens

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My roomates and I toasting to Athens from Bong Hill. Athens, Ohio. The moment you realize you’re graduating and leaving Athens will hit you like a…

40 Things Every College Girl Needs To Be Reminded Once In A While

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Shutterstock 1. The number of weekends you have in college to go out and let loose is not infinite, go out at least once a weekend. 2. So…

Don’t bring anything more into the web.

With permission, I have posted the email below. Hi, I think your blog entered my life at the most perfect moment. You see, I am 25, and this past January, me and my…

sixteen little pieces of motivation;

So, I’ve been feeling a little blah lately, for no reason at all. And I’m sure some of you out there are struggling with the same, so I thought I’d share some quotes that… Continue reading

a little bit of everything;

ohio bred and ohio fed. words can’t accurately describe the way i feel about my hometown of cincinnati. it’s where i grew up, fell in love for the first time, fell out of… Continue reading