An open response to “Dear OU (of Ohio)”

Just Say It.

Read the article I’m responding to here. (For some reason my wordpress keeps adjusting the hyperlink’s web address, you can follow this link to find the article:

*Disclaimer: I harbor no animosity towards Miami University of Ohio.  I simply want to address some of the inaccuracies and unnecessarily rude comments within the mentioned article.

Dear “contributing Drunken Undergrad  writer” whom I cannot formally address due to a lack of signature on your piece,

To begin, you should probably know that this is not the first Green Beer Day that Ohio University has participated in.  Additionally, to address your comment referring to Ohio University as “a university on the decline,” Ohio University’s latest enrollment numbers reflect yet another year of record growth and Ohio University has recently opened yet another regional campus in Dublin, Ohio.  In the future, please do your research before making false statements on the internet due to…

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